The Avenuege G15 PC --- geeeeeeeeee fifteeeeeeen -- for creative
          fresh thinking, easy programmability, great capacity for 
          artistic leaps whether textually, graphically or conceptually --
          for the young and anarchistically leaning well-meaning individual


          Image composed by GEM
          in G15

          WE HAVE A DREAM: 
          It's a human mind stimulating Personal Computer, 
          a PC in the REAL sense, -- with just a few but 
          very human-friendly, privacy-protecting, maintainable
          components -- built also from what we may call, roughly,
          "home-made" minichips (as far as it is practical).
          Compare it to locally grown biological bananas,
          electric power from clean sources, and to classic
          cars that has a level of simplicity and openness
          to maintenance that makes you spontaneously become
          more interested in doing things yourself -- and you
          get the idea of what we're driving at. The opinion
          we have is that technology must be something other
          than the endless focus on nano and the ultrasmall,
          with polished, branded surfaces and plenty of 
          backdoors. We want a technology that is made by
          humans for humans -- whether or not you yourself
          want to go deeply into programming or electronics,
          this is a PC that is not merely open as an abstract
          concept, but it is open in the real sense that a
          classic car without chips is more open for quality 
          and meaningful personal maintenance than a car where,
          under the lid, there are literally hundreds of 
          separate microcomputer-circuits produced by an equal 
          amount of separate companies. Where is the overview?
          We don't like things to get out of hand -- humanity,
          not 'androids', -- must have the upper hand. The
          G15 PC is a first-hand PC. Its languages are similarly
          first-hand. Its main text editor does not -- repeat, 
          does not, correct your spelling. Write on, drive on,
          think. The good PC honors your mind by not tampering
          too much with anything -- quite in contrast to the
          approach taken by embedded computers with their
          infernal appstores. We like "apps" only in the sense
          of the word being an abbreviation for APPLICATIONS,
          and, indeed, the G15 has its apps. These, however, have an 
          open quality and sheer simplicity comparable with 
          the cars one can find eg at


          The Avenuege G15 PC can stimulate to art, design, 
          tech education & new insights & creative work --
          merely by its very existence, by the fact that it
          is made with an effort to protect simplicity from
          getting lost in the false play entertained by
          advertisement-slash-nerd companies. This PC is for
          INDIVIDUAL self-educational artistic work for anyone
          who takes his or her own mind and heart and gumption
          (cfr Robert Pirsig's, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle
          Maintenance") seriously. It has ways and means of
          getting stuff from, and back into, such as a normal
          PC via such as a USB flashdisk, and the normal PC
          can have a link to Internet and all that. That's fine.
          We're not against that. But we're saying that something
          is lacking and we're saying that we have the competence
          and the resources to supply it. To individuals, and also
          -- more freely -- in an eductional context [in progress]
          that we call "The G15 Multiversity" -- an artistic 
          creative education for girls after high school before 
          university and further career development which has
          a connection to some hardcore technology stuff in
          an exceptional way.

          What is the G15 PC made of? A technical introduction
          to our own concept, the Avenuege-copyrighted concept,
          made especially to serve the G15 Multiversity, which
          is called INTRAPLATES, is here:

          For any technology to be maintainable it must be simple
          and the quantity of stuff shoved into a device must be
          kept to a minimum. The G15 PC is a concept we have worked
          with for a long time -- beginning with a minimalistic 
          yet complete machine code language, the "YOGA6DORG G15
          assembly", continuing with the "G15 OS", it's operating
          system, and the "PMN -- Primary Multiverse Noetics"
          script or higher-level programming language which
          can be used to make text editors, image editors, 
          and databases, as well as games. We have decided to
          orient ourselves towards 1024 * 768 pixels, because
          this rather squarish format has turned out to be 
          mind-stimulating and far more so than the more 
          entertainment-industry and video-oriented widescreen
          format as of 1366 * 768 pixels (or such proportions).
          We have decided to orient ourselves towards one single
          scale -- the scale from complete black to complete
          bring spring-green, because any photo and any text
          and any graphical item represented in this scale is
          psychologically contributing to harmony and creativity,
          while lending a tone of young fashionable freshness to
          any photo of a girl's face, her lips, her eyes, and
          her hair. In the beginning of the PC computer era, a
          number of studies concluded that green monochrome is
          superior to other monochromes for computing, and that's
          why the first IBM PC had green monochrome text display.
          Anyone who handles a musical instrument will known that
          this musical instrument, when tuned well, and played
          superbly, can, in many cases, represent the WHOLE of
          the musical and emotional alphabet of expressions.
          So also with such a perfectly warmly and harmoniously
          minimalistic machine as the G15 PC. It is a companion,
          a simple, stimulating, not invasive companion, to the
          creative individual -- to any individual.
            So, after prolonged experiments, -- cfr also our

          -- we found that most people's minds are creatively lighted
          up from within by consistent work with the black and
          spring green range. This has to do with the physiology and
          psychology of human seeing and thinking. We have found that 
          the G15 PC must steer away of overdone imitation of the 
          reality around it in order for it to stimulate the mind 
          the most -- to make WITHIN THE MIND the most vivid images 
          and concepts and insights into reality. Too much imitation, 
          too much  wearable computing, too much 3d-imitation, too much
          colorising and gesture-reading and touchscreens and
          google-play-apps and apple-apps and what have you, 
          puts the mind to sleep, in addition to being a danger to
          that which for years in Norway has been called "personvern" --
          and for which there exist a state organ called
          Datatilsynet -- to protect the individuals from invasive
          practises BOTH from the state and from companies etc. In the 
          long run, we must ask what type of society we want -- 
          not an orwellian "1984"-totalitarianistic society --
          and what type of human mind we want to foster in 
          our young -- not one that is constantly hypnotised
          by the video-commerce shoved at them by goggles
          and phonecomputers and carcomputers and so on.

          The Avenuege G15 PC is therefore the first totally
          pure Personal Computer concept in the 21st century:
          purified, the destilled form of what PERSONAL COMPUTING
          really must mean, in a way both thrilling and 
          conducive to self-education, in a life-long sense.


          Feel free to equip any PC that has any typical 
          standard enough Linux on it, such as the one from
 with the present 'practical virtual'
          version of the G15 OS and software, by acquiring the
 directly, or go to
          to read about it first.

          The G15 PC is
          * minimalistically light -- as to how much is put into the box, and
          into the software
          * programmable by an easy & open programming language, made esp.
          for it -- it's called PMN and it fully exists now
          * consistently and coherently esthetical inspired by youth, 
          beauty and fashion


          * All software is there as for fundamentals
          * Core platform applications finished
          * Artistic components incl manga-inspired cartoon
          stories with a game-like score component are being
          * The G15 CPU is fully designed implicitly, by this 
          * Design of the CPU by means of boolean gates to 
          be implemented via intraplates depends on a
          higher level of the as-yet unfinished Elsketch
          electronics software project 
          * We are working on how to construct intraplates,
          and how to get funding for the first factories
          * There are numerous questions which must be met
          in order for the project to be coherent with its
          intentions, and which also involve rather much
          technical work
          * Indeed also some of the PC will have to be
          put together by robotic equipment controlled by
          a set of suitable G15 PMN programs: and to assist
          this process, we must have a temporary collaboration
          in software with utilities we make for Linux to
          control these components through the G15 PVI
          running on top of Linux. The G15 PVI will then
          call on tailor-made systems control programs in
          Linux accessing such as USB via Free Pascal,
          -- but we will create parallel components in
          pure G15 for the G15 PC hardware proper when
          the Avenuege G15 PC is complete and can be used
          to assist the factory production of further
          Aveneuge G15 PCs
          * Aim is to make the Avenuege PC so as to  
          encourage research but ALSO, by keeping prices
          low, to encourage enthusiasts to have such
          in their own homes. The size will be gigantic
          compared to microchip products and this will
          mean that not everyone will have the space to
          have one. The G15 PC will be equipped with some
          extra physical and entertaining components to
          make it more likely that it can fit into the
          living-room of avantgarde people in a stylish
          way. Just which components we will see!!!

          One part of this, the G15 PC built around the
          newly (to be) made G15 CPU.
          The programs for it {for the G15 YOGA6DORG assembly & OS,
          & the PMN language on top} are already being developed &
          are available here:

          The world is not only digital. In fact, it is 
          primarely analog. In the analog world, there's also
          the well-known socalled "mouth-to-mouth" method,
          often more effective than digital media. Here's 
          an example of the instrument used:

          By employing the mouth-to-mouth method you may be
          able to relay enthusiasm about the G15 PC and
          its dance-fresh, sexy-aware, art-honoring approach to
          life and computing to other people who again can
          use this method to convey it to still more people.

          Always remember:


          GOOD LUCK!!! 

G15 Intraplates Multiversity