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before they are complete. 
More will be added 
(though there is much
work with each).

Art of Thinking is a 
five-volume series
by Aristo Tacoma,
alias S.R. Weber,
pen names of 
Stein Henning Braten Reusch.

G15 PMN Programming for Kids, 
vol. 1 of Art of Thinking
[G15 PMN Programming for 
absolute beginners, and
easy-going philosophy.]

G15 PMN Programming for Teens, 
vol. 2 of Art of Thinking
[G15 PMN Programming embedded 
in a tantric philosophy,
and discussion of mind/machine]

G15 PMN Pattern Matching, 
vol. 3 of Art of Thinking
[Discussion of G15 PMN Programming
also in a robotic context,
on the input side, and of
societal dialogue and the
urgency of recognising that
the human mind is not a machine.]
Robotic Goal Sorting, 
vol. 4 of Art of Thinking
[Includes how to use G15 PMN
FCM for robotic priority,
goals and task organization,
and of many larger philosophical

Beautiful Actions, 
vol. 5 of 5 of Art of Thinking
[Important philosophical 
questions considered at lengths;
also elements of what we can
call 'tantric EEG research'.]

Magic of Time, booklet
practical philosophy
also connected to timing]
Same booklet, but with a 
page added to it:

Super-Model Theory
[Advanced computational physics 
& discussion; also 
part of the G15 PMN 
3rd Foundation]